Stop wondering about what to eat.

Get food that helps you reach your goals.
Real good, fresh food ready to grab and go.
Perfect portions adjusted to your lifestyle and dietary needs.
Delivered to your door.
Why can fast food be so cheap and healthy food so expensive?
All we wanted was healthy snacks, adapted to our diets, that didn't leave us hungry or broke the bank.

We found nothing.

So we made it happen.
Eat great food to improve your lifestyle without breaking the bank
Select your nutrition goal
Lose weight? Gain muscle? Stay healthy?

We will adjust all portions and recipes so you can meet your goals, faster.
Get it delivered once a week
9 to 12 portions delivered fresh every week at a time and location of your choosing.
Everything ready to eat (but some you may want to warm up!).
Rinse. Save. Repeat.
Did we mention we hate trash?
All of our packaging is reusable. Rinse it and give it back to us on your next delivery for an immediate discount.
What you'll get
Say goodbye to the hangry and lightheaded you.
Delicious food ready to grab and go.
Fresh Power Shakes
First thing in the morning, after work, pre or post workout, we got you covered.

Only made with real ingredients, we make sure each cup matches your exact macro needs.
Shake it off!
Grab and go breakfast
Perfect for when you are rushing out in the morning. Easy to digest, complete nutrition in a glass.
Top tip: choose the coffee options and you don't even need to stop for that cup of Joe.
Upgrade you breakfast
Say goodbye to lousy snacks and sugar packed energy bars. Easy to eat, filling and delicious. Snacks like this leave you feeling satisfied, every time.
Get Guilt Free Snacks
Lunch (or Dinner) Meal Replacements [coming soon!]
For those days you just don't have the time to cook a full meal, our ready made meal replacements are there for you to eat hot or cold.
As always: each in perfect portions exactly matching your nutritional needs.
Boost your meals
Get your free nutrition plan
Ever wondered how much and how often you should eat? We did too. Time to get some answers.
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Did we mention we have a money back guarantee?
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Get answers on how to eat for better living.
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Results that will surprise you.
We made it so your benefits are not just limited to nutrition.
Reduce trash and washing up
All of our packaging is reusable. Our awesome chefs and nutritionists waste up to 30% less produce than if you were to make it at home. We are so committed to this, that for every jar you return to us, we'll give you 1 dollar off your next order.
Save on your groceries and eating out
Save your money for the special meals and occasions you will actually enjoy. Each of our portions is comes out (much) cheaper than buying food outside. In fact, it's probably cheaper than if you were to do it yourself.
Probably (definitely) the easiest way to respect your diet
Are you doing Zone? Keto? Don't mind? We have recipes adjusted to the major diet types. Honestly, staying true to your chosen diet is a breeze.
Works on your schedule
Going out for a week? Pause your orders at no cost.
Did you find yourself hungry? Adjust portions up on your next order.
We are here in the long run with you, to get your nutrition perfect for your current lifestyle.
We love to hear from you.
Comments, suggestions, retail partnerships
We'll get back to you within 48 hours.
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